Butterfly Art Wedding Stationery

Hurrah!!! tomorrow is our 1 year Birthday!!!


To Celebrate with me, please enjoy orders on Cards, Canvas and Framed butterflies.... by using discount code birthday10.


What a year its been, launching on Facebook, Launching my website, attending countless craft fairs - 2 castles, forts and vintage inspired locations!!!, farmers markets - I clearly remember being stuck between dead pheasants and this dodgy sausage stall!!! (the things we do to get out there), shows, new products and my range expanding at lightening speed due to demand and my ideas bursting at the seams, in March 2013 making the decision to plug our savings and commitment to open Crafty Mums in Colchester!! to support handmade in the UK!!  which has been the hardest but best decision I ever made!! its so exciting to know this is just the beginning.

I want to send a massive "Thank you" to everyone for your support in the last 12 months, I am excited to showcase my Wedding Stationery Collection on the 15th Feb 2014, and to see the shop continue to grow and get the recognition that our sellers deserve!! as I am so proud of them and their beautiful products.

Lots of Love




Written by catherine law — January 30, 2014


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