Butterfly Art Wedding Stationery

It seems that we have a lot of destination weddings next year!! and last month having experienced for myself first hand, my very first abroad wedding I can see why.

The weather, the location, the happy, relaxed vibe....it really was a wedding memory to last a lifetime.

Although making the decision to get married abroad is never easy, if you have elderly relatives or friends who can afford to be there, the heartbreaking thought of them not joining can stop some people from going away. If you have decided to go abroad, have faith that the UK party that follows after the wedding is all the best bits rolled into one for those who missed the big day! and can be a great chance to relive your wedding and even wear your dress all over again!!

Here are some invitation ideas for those looking to incorporate the travel theme...

I can not take credit for these designs i found them online, but i am working on a ticket invitation and once they have sent them i will post the pictures of my design...these are just some borrowed inspiration to give you an idea of what can be created.


If you do not want to go that far..as in full tickets then using the place you are travelling to is a great way to show your guests what to expect...images, pictures of the beach...sun drenched palm trees, champagne glasses with ice melting....should help to build a picture.

And providing them with as much information on where, when and how so that its easy to understand the plan, as well as plans for the UK gathering.

Most importantly is giving your guests enough notice to book the time off to come, as many will include this in their yearly holiday and may be if like me, will decide to get the children looked after so they can go alone with their partners for the wedding!!

Good luck with your planning...


Love Kate


Written by catherine law — July 01, 2014


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