Butterfly Art Wedding Stationery


So today was a busy day at Butterfly Art, We are currently in Negotiations for the Lease of the New shop and today went back with our final offer. So tonight its all i can think of! Butterflies in my tummy and Excited doesn’t come close.

We have been contacting all the mums who would like to rent space in the shop, to invite them to a Meet & Greet on the 30th April 2013 at Prested Hall.

I am so happy that we managed to book Prested Hall, it seem fitting to start the launch of our Latest Big Adventure, in the same venue that Olly and i were Married in Back in June 2011.

I have received a lot of RSVPs but am still waiting for a few, Ladies have until the 26th April to confirm, so a few weeks yet.

By then hopefully we will be waiting on the solicitors to confirm the Lease details and we can find out when we can get the keys and start shop fitting.

I have found some Beautiful things for the shop, and am currently speaking to a Fabulous Designer that is going to hopefully make me a Bespoke Shop Counter.

Must try to stay Calm and keep my positive Energy going...hope to hear tomorrow so will keep you posted.



Written by catherine law — April 08, 2013


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