Butterfly Art Wedding Stationery

This opening a shop thing is tricky!!! and lots to think about! i actually think that buying a house is easier than renting a commerical property. It could be upto 4 weeks before we get the keys, but at least it gives me time to get things in place correctly.

Have the final draft of the renters contract being looked at currently, and once that is in place i can relax a bit.(only a little bit)

Really looking forward to the Meet and Greet Evening, have come across some reall inspirational women on this journey so far and it just proves to me that i must hold strong to my vision and build this business into a successful Hub of activity for all the Mums which deserve success from their Hardwork and Love which goes into their creations.

The Evening Gazzette contacted me today!! going to be in a Editorial once the shop opend and will be running an AD looking for allthose lovely mums who make.

I am also very happy that the Shop name is only a few weeks from being released!! ....drum roll starting in preperation...i cant wait to share to with the world.

So for today we are a few steps forward and a few steps closer to the opening, hope to see lots of you on the 30th..please email me butterfly_art@hotmail.co.uk to be added to the guest list.




Written by catherine law — April 10, 2013


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