Butterfly Art Wedding Stationery

 So far on the Adventure of Starting my own business and now opening the store, we have come across many a hurdle!

And it has been our True friends that have given us kind words of encouragement and support during those hurdles, it will be those friends who we say a huge thank you too, once the doors are open and we are trading.

only 10 more sleeps until the Launch night at Prested Hall, We are all  ready to go, with hopefully all the answers the Mums need on how to rent space and what we are all about.

The main reason i started this quest was because of the horrendous attitude of shop keepers that i came across when i was trying to get my stuff into shops to sell.

 I hope and like to think that in a few months time once we are in full swing, that they wish they had not fed into my  desire to bring Handmade to The Town Center Shopping Market.

 The quality of the products, the time ,love and dedication of the people who make these Bespoke items, far out weighs any of the

 same-same stuff you see in nearly every shop in town.

I am so excited that we will be building a network of strong, independant, Crafters that can offer support to each other and really showcase their Beautiful Products, in a Shopper and  child friendly enviroment.

As well as offering brillliant workshops,led by talented and qualifed tutors on a range of crafts.

I said Something to the Lovely Laura over at Studio 13,when i dropped my chair off, 

and she said i should tell all those coming into the shop renting space that;

"We are a community not a Monopoly"

What i ment by this, was that i hope to  involve and work with everyone, rather than saying

"we have our own in house so cant take your things!" as i came across many many time when approaching Local shops.

The only one that showed an understanding was Alison at Blue Owl here in the village of West Bergolt. She understands the importance of supporting your own locally and has a few of the mums from the village, selling in her shop.

I promise to be open and honest with everyone that crosses through our door with there Handmade products,

if you are looking for someone who will listen and support your ideas...You'll have come to the right place.




Written by catherine law — April 19, 2013


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