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 Well here we are! May the 13th 2013, and now it seems the only thing between me and geting the Keys is the possiablilty of Asbestos!

The shop was built over 100 years ago! but had some works done during the time when it may have been used! this means there is a chance its there and this is something i need to know before i start drilling holes in the walls and laying the flooring....

I am staying upbeat and positive though and hope to have some real news about the Opening date very very soon.

It feels like Buying a house!

    Coming Soon...... www.crafty-mums.co.uk

 In the meantime i am working hard at answering all the applications and enquiries for the shop, Trying  to respond as quickly  as i can so if you are still wating to hear i apologise and hope to be in touch soon.

Butterfly Art has been out and about, We were at the beautiful Green Island Gardens in Ardleigh Colchester  this past weekend on a rather Windy day, but what a beautiful place!

Met some lovely people and gained some new customers so was worth blowing around abit, and hanging onto the gazzebo with both hands!! for dear life!

Well lots to do, so will love you and leave you! hopefully next time i blog we will have an idea of dates.

I have added new Products to the site! beautiful Handmade and Bespoke Keepsake Boxes...Why not take a look







Written by catherine law — May 14, 2013


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