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 This really is a learning game when it comes to the Media and advertsing the shop.

But here is the latest from Colchester Circle about the shop:

Crafty Mums is more than just a shop

Published 05 July 2013

An entrepreneurial mother-of-two has opened a shop in the centre of Colchester which aims to help other mums succeed in their own businesses.

Kate Law has launched Crafty Mums in St John’s Street, where fellow mumpreneurs can rent a shelf for a reasonable rate and sell their own goods. The 32-year-old explained that the idea for starting the shop came after experiencing frustration trying to sell her own wares.

She said: “I started a business from home in January called Butterfly Art where I made crafts with a butterfly theme. The idea for that came about when I was pregnant with my second son Harry. The doctors told us that he was a girl, and I became obsessed with making butterfly things for my daughter! A few months after Harry was born, I decided to turn it into a business and was doing well through social media and my website.

“But I found that trying to get my stuff into shops was almost impossible due to the high profit margins. So I came up with the idea of opening a shop where lots of mums like me could rent a space for a low rate.”

She added: “I came up with the concept, went on a business course, put a plan together and found premises all within a few months. I’ve always been quite headstrong – I took my GCSEs when I was pregnant with my first son Dylan!”

Around 55 crafty mums have rented a space at the shop, with goodies including wedding gifts, jewellery and children’s items. Most of the vendors are local but some come from as far afield as Scotland, with descriptions of each seller next to their goods. “This is a much more cost effective way for them to sell their crafts compared to other shops,” said Kate, who is married to Oliver. “There’s an absolutely fabulous range of products on offer.”

Kate was also keen that the shop should offer workshop facilities, so the first floor of the premises is used for sessions including beginners’ sewing, lampshade making, glass fusing and art classes. “I wanted to make a creative community hub for everyone and anyone,” she said. “It’s really exciting having so many different things happening under one roof.”

The business is also committed to helping women suffering from post-natal depression (PND), something Kate battled herself after her first pregnancy. “I went through a very scary time which I dealt with through counselling,” she said. “So when I decided to open the shop, I was determined to offer free support to those who needed it. We provide a safe place for women with PND to come with their babies and toddlers, giving them access to the support they need. They can take part in workshops for free, as well as benefit from information and help.”

Kate is also keen to help break the breastfeeding taboo at her shop. “I breastfed both my boys and couldn’t believe people’s reactions to something so wonderful and natural,” she explained. “There seemed to be prejudices everywhere I turned when all I wanted to do was feed my hungry baby. So I am offering a private feeding room for breastfeeding mothers to use.”

Crafty Mums has now been open for two weeks and is receiving a rave welcome from the public. “We have had a fantastic start with so much support from everyone and people spreading the word, finding us on Facebook and coming in,” said Kate. “Our workshops are filling up and more classes are being added daily.”

You can find Crafty Mums at www.crafty-mums.co.uk or on Facebook

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Written by catherine law — July 05, 2013


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